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【Japan Times Article】


(Contributed by Rhonda)
I am excited to announce that I will be featured in an article in the Japan Times .
The article was scheduled to be posted on February 24th but was postponed because they want to cover articles on the Fukushima earthquake then follow up with my story.
For those who have taken my lesson you know very well that I am an avid Red Cross volunteer. I am a disaster , CPR, First Aide, Dog ,Pet Fisrt Aide, and Babysitter Trainer.
My goal is to train as many people as possible to help save life’s.
I also work closely with the Tokyo Red Cross to proof read documents written by people who were involved in the Fukushima earthquake. These documents are the real life stories from the start of the disaster to now. The stories were written by doctors, nurses, care givers, etc who tell their story from the onset of the earthquake and what happened, how they felt , their decisions etc.They hope that through their stories we will be able to learn how to be more prepared in the future.
The article is the story behind my volunteerism and helping others as well as helping my son open a cafe who has a learning disability. I was very excited to be asked to be interviewed as the article will help to reach more people to read the documents on the Red Cross web site so people around the world can learn how to prevent, prepare and to be ready if such a disaster were to occur again.
The article also explains that due to my continual support of both the Japanese Red Cross and the American Red Cross that I was invited to meet Her Highness the Empress of Japan three times.
I will let everyone know the date of the article as soon as I do. I hope you enjoy reading it as well as I hope that you go to the Red Cross web site and read the documents there.
Have a truly terrific day.

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