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【Online Interview】

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(Contributed by Jackie)
I recently applied to an online teaching position to teach Chinese children English in my spare time. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean I will leave V-English on the contrary it means I would have an extra income and I can just focus on working online since the scheduling in that job doesn’t affect my current schedule. It will also provide more availability to offer online lessons at V-English.
The interview wasn’t as smooth as I planned it to be. I tried my best to imagine the person playing the role of a five year old student but I just couldn’t grasp it. I am familiar with how children will react to certain situations so this part of the interview made it difficult for me since I felt the person was acting with little enthusiasm. Usually children react to what I say and do when giving lessons in the classroom. During my demonstration class I focused the lesson on pronunciation. I spent a lot of time on this since the person playing the student spoke very softly and at times I wanted to make sure she was pronouncing the word correctly. I did my best and at the end the interviewer gave some recommendations to assign a minute per slide, I asked what if the student doesn’t know what I am trying to teach, what if he or she doesn’t understand, should I just move on to the next slide? She said, use your judgment, well in my case I like the student to understand and not have doubts before moving on to the next lesson. That is why when offering lessons in V-English I ask students if there are any questions before moving on to the next slide. Well the end result of the interview was that they will send information regarding the next steps, so let’s see what happens. I really enjoy working online and hope to have this added experience to work with children from another country.

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