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【Poem Analysis 】

Theme:Sylwia, 生活


(Contributed by Sylwia)
“Talking in Bed” by Philip Larkin is a poem about the failure of intimacy, lack of communication and feelings of isolation in a relationship. This poem describes a moment, which should be intimate (a couple talking in bed), but instead, there is an unspeakable distance between them. The poem addresses an irony associated with love and the often painful gap between expectation and reality.
In my third year of university, my professor asked our contemporary poetry class to choose a poem from the course’s anthology and read it to the class. I chose “Talking in Bed” by Philip Larkin, as the irony and overall message resonated with me at the time, and still does. Although the poem speaks of a matured romantic relationship, I believe that these perceived feelings of loneliness and isolation that exist in moments that should be intimate speak broadly to all relationships. I like this poem because it speaks to my own vulnerabilities when it comes to relationships, and I’m sure that many young people deal with the same feelings regarding intimacy and loneliness. This poem is haunting and poignant as it describes something that we, as human beings, desperately need – that is to feel loved and a sense of belonging – and something that we all fear – being alone and the realization that perhaps, in moments that “ought to” represent true closeness, a unity between people, we are anything but.

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