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【My Kitty】

(Contributed by Meg)
You may remember our latest family addition, Zorro, who was merely 4 weeks old when he came to our house. He finally turned 6 months this January and that means he is finally old enough to get neutered! Of course it is not absolutely necessary to get him neutered, however, he had some aggression issues that sometimes caused huge commotions with our older cat, Angel. When we took him to a vet, he was all excited for getting into a car and seeing other animals at a clinic. But once he got onto an exam table, he was as scared as a little bunny.
Now he is home and the cone has been removed, and I have to take him back to a vet to get a stich removed. His behavior hasn’t changed much since not many days has passed. yet But I will keep monitoring to see if he becomes mellower.
At the clinic:
He was confused when he couldn’t go under and sat there for a few minutes:

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