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【Valentine’s Day!】

(Contributed by Erica)
Nowadays, Valentine’s is considered the second most popular card – sending holiday Lafter Christmas! About 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sending each year. Valentine’s cards are usually decorated with hearts, Cupid or red roses.
Across the USA and many other countries around the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day exchanging gifts, candies, flowers, boxes of chocolates between loved ones or arrange meals in the restaurants or a romantic night at a hotel.
Do you know why it is called Valentine’s Day?
Three Saints named Valentine or Valentinus, whom were martyred, were recognized by the Catholic Church. According to one of the legends, the emperor Claudius II, during 3rd century, had prohibited young men to marry because he believed single men were better soldiers. In Valentine’s opinion the decree was not fair and he kept celebrating marriages. When the Roman emperor discovered he punished the priest Valentine to death.
Another legend about Valentine is that he felt in love with the jailor’s daughter who was blind. Miraculously, Valentine’s love cured her and she began to see. Before he was executed, he wrote her a letter signing “Your Valentine”. This expression is still used until now!
In England and France, by the Middle Ages, Valentine became one of the most famous Saints.
In 18th century, Charles II of Sweden, introduced roses as a symbol of emotions and the number of roses had different meanings.
* One single rose meant love
* 12 roses symbolized gratitude
* 25 roses meant congrats!
* 50 roses symbolized unconditional love
Nowadays, white roses symbolized purity, red roses stand for passionate love, pink roses for friendship and a combination of red and white mean unity.
” Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it must be a true one! ”
In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12th, and it is called “Dia dos Namorados” (Lover’s Day), all in name of Saint Antonio, popular known as Saint of Love and a match maker. As it is winter in Brazil, in some regions people make bonfires on the street and jump over them. According to the tradition, the highest leapers will be lucky in love.
I wish you all ” Happy Valentine’s Day! ”

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