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【Angus makes a friend.】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
I know many of you have seen pictures and heard stories of Angus before. For those who have not, he is my eleven year old Wheaton Terrier / Portuguese Waterdog… but most importantly my best friend. He is as you can see a family member and allowed on the couch. Angus is a big boy, nearly 45 kilos actually. Big, fluffy and fun, but also my service dog.

Over the last few years some of his behaviors had changed. After careful thought, and listening to what other people were telling me.. I did what Angus had been warning me about and went to the Dr. .. As it turns out, he had been waking me up at night when I stopped breathing. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, but Angus knew before anyone else. So, I know without a shadow of a doubt he is my protector and best friend. I listen to what he is telling me with his rumblings,, kind of a growl under his breath when he is telling me off. He gives me advice and keeps me safe. I take his advice seriously!
Most days we go for a walk early in the morning where we live before I start teaching, unless of course he is still snoring. He is after all 77 yrs old in doggie years.
We head to the park where he behaves like a teenager rolling in the grass, or snow if there is any. Romping across the fields until he is worn out when we slowly walk home, which is just next door. On days that for one reason or another, we don’t go out at our usual time he lets me know when he is getting annoyed at the wait.
A day not so long ago, he decided to try the.. I’ll-just-make-you-jealous routine… This normally consists of him snuggling up to one of my grandchildren if they are here. Or his favorite stuffed toy. But on this day, I was working at the kitchen table and he gave me this look as he slowly, purposely placed his leg around this little rocking horse and pulled it close. I have not laughed as hard in a long time.
Needless to say, I got the point and we went to the park to play.

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