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【Visiting Toronto】

(Contributed by Liz)
Have you ever visited Toronto? I currently live just outside Toronto and I’m going to tell you about some of the top places and things people usually do when they visit for the first time. Get ready there is a lot to do and see.
The most popular place to go by far is the CN Tower. It’s not the tallest tower in the world but at 553.33 m-high (1,815.4 ft) that’s still a pretty steep height. The CN Tower is known for the 360 restaurant where you can have your meal as the restaurant rotates so that you are able to enjoy the entire city view. This is an expensive restaurant but with views like that it’s all worth it. Then there are glass floor for you to walk on if you dare and a ledge for you to walk outside (The Edge Walk) if you want an adrenalin rush.
Another popular place to go is the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). There are always fantastic exhibits and tons to do at the ROM. I’ve been here several times and have never been disappointed. Be sure to check out what current exhibitions are on when you visit. Besides the exhibition there are tons of the world’s finest collections.
Not too far from the ROM is the Ripleys Aquarium. This aquarium just opened up and I have yet to go there. However, it is huge and from what I’ve heard it’s breathtaking. There are dive shows every 2 hours and a few exhibits where you can actually touch sharks and rays. I definitely want to go there this summer.
That’s all for now, but there will be a part 2 in the future.
Have a great day!

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