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【My little helper】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
Let me introduce my youngest grandson, Jordan. He will be 2 next month. He makes me laugh, amazes me everyday and is the most comical little one ever!
For a few months now when Jordan arrives to visit it is important that I prepare for his visit. Now as any Grandmothers out there know this is not unusual when you are expecting a lightning speed fast little one. Things have to be organized and ready as soon as the door opens.
However, in the case of Jordan preparations, I have to make sure there are a few scraps of paper on the floor along with his basket of toys.
He has a very strict routine. He runs down the hallway to my apartment, knocks on the door calling my name and announces his arrival … often getting the door open before me… Yes, he has been doing this since he started walking, not long after his first birthday.
Next on the agenda .. he takes his coat and boots or shoes off and puts them in the hall closet. .. and promptly gets the vacuum out. At that point he hands me the end of the cord to plug it in.. no sooner is that done .. he goes to town vacuuming like it is reason for being at my house. Oh, I forgot to mention, the vacuum is stored in pieces.. He puts it together minus one of the pipes so it is not too tall for him.
So the only problem in this .. he wants to take my vacuum home. It is his after all. So, I have spent the last month looking for a child’s vacuum that looks, works and sounds like a real one. There is not one to be had. He will not be happy with a vacuum that does not pick things up. After a lot of thought and discussion with my daughter, today I will be going to buy his birthday gift… A vacuum just like mine/his. It works, he loves it and it is half the money a child’s toy one would cost that he will not be satisfied.
Some of you might think I am crazy, but it’s really a gift for him and a new helper for his Mom. I’d say it is a win-win that will be a source of play and laughter for both of them.

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