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【Jordan is on the Phone…again!】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
It amazes me when a not quite 2 year old understands how to answer a phone, determine who it is by the voice and pass the phone over to who the caller wishes to speak with.
You can imagine my surprise when this little one can turn my cell on, find my contacts lists, scroll through to find who he is looking for and make a call. My poor sister has been on the receiving end of these calls.. Mind you I spend a lot of time laughing as I listen to his conversation that makes perfect sense to him. Unfortunately, the rest of us are lost in translation.
I arrived for a visit today and was welcomed with Jordan using an old phone that is loaded with his favorite music and baby education games. “Here Eema” (the name my grandchildren call me, it’s a long story). Playing on the phone was an old Beach Boys tune… he said “you like, here”.. How did he know I like that group. There is a lot to be said for old souls and I believe we have been blessed with one in Jordan. There are just too many things he is aware of, or has knowledge of that we just can’t figure out why or how it is possible.
Today when I was visiting, I was actually told to hold on.. As he patiently waited for my sister to answer.. Much to my surprise when the answering machine came on he said in the sweetest quiet voice.. as clear as a bell… “hi aunt stephie.. It’s jordan.” ..and hung up. I was flabbergasted. How did he learn this? Has he quietly been watching all of these months?
But really a change in the tone of his voice.. He sounded like a professional.
So here I am tonight writing my blogs while I wait for my phone to charge… Yes, my little receptionist killed the battery.

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