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【Can you smell it? Spring is in the air.】


(Contributed by Michelle)
Yesterday, when I went outside, there were traces of snow on the ground. It was really warm, though, so I knew it would all be gone within a matter of hours. As I sat outside, I soaked up the sun and took some long, deep breaths. There was still a little bit of chill in the air, but it felt amazing. I could smell spring in the air.
I sat on the steps outside my front door for a few minutes with my eyes closed. It was bliss. I was able to soak up some sun and smell the hints of flowers in the air. When I finished, I made my way to the mailbox, put in the DVDs I was finished with, and put the flag up. This way the postman would know we had outgoing mail and would take them with him. Then I began walking around the yard.
Last summer, as some of you know, I redid a small area of my mom’s front yard. I had cleared away the brush, pulled all of the weeds, and made it look nice. Then, I put down some new soil and planted a few plants along with 2 rose bushes. I also planted several Irises. None of them had any new buds on them, but they all looked pretty good, especially after having just been covered in snow.
I could smell spring in the air, but couldn’t see any new buds. I guess they hadn’t come out at our place. Our neighbors have many trees, so I’m guessing it was coming from their direction. I really wished we had some plum trees and cherry trees, too.
This is one of my favorite times in Japan because I love the plum and cherry blossoms. I kind of wish I was in Japan now. Maybe I’ll be there this time next year. Let’s hope I win a lot of money soon! 😉



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