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【The first one is gone】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
When we are little we learn and experience new things everyday. For Jack as my eldest grandson, we learn and laugh at many things together.
You might remember the blog where we held a scorpion, or snake, or spider. It was a right of passage for this not so little guy to prove he was brave. Although I was scared out of my mind, I participated because he asked me to.
Not so long ago Jack’s teeth began to wiggle, they were getting loose and on their way to be lost. The first tooth wiggled for what seemed to Jack like forever. It was interesting watching him become impatient with the process. He would push and pull at it with no further movement. I tried to explain that it would just come out on its own when the time was right.
Well that just was not good enough for Jack. It would take too long. So on youtube he went searching for ways to pull a tooth… NO, I am not kidding one bit!
There were several methods explained. Thankfully they were more gruesome than Jack was prepared to deal with. So finally the string came out and he tied it around his tooth. After several failed attempts he decided just to wait, and it would come out when it was supposed to.
During the long wait I would sing a song.. All I want to loose for Christmas is my two front teeth. It was my own version that I could barely get through without laughing.. But neither could Jack. The proper songs talks about someone who only wants to get his new front teeth.
Well thankfully the perfect day came. Jack got up in the morning for school, got dressed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Suddenly, when he bit into a piece of toast, the tooth came out. Perfect day, perfect time right before Christmas. He was happy. But now we wait as the new one is also taking too much time for Jack to make its appearance.

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