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【Discussing Options: Basic Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Have you ever visited an overseas factory on a business trip?
Yes, I have. In fact, I just came back last week from my trip to India to visit a factory there.
I was in Bangalore, which has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of India for its numerous high-tech industries.
Indeed, I saw a number of thriving technology parks. The city was buzzing.
Prior to the visit, my images of India were limited to Yoga, curry and Taj Mahar. So, it was an eye-opening experience.
Which manufacturer in Japan do you think is the best? Why?
I think my company is the best manufacturer in Japan. There are many reasons to support my claim.
For example, we design, manufacture, test and deliver our products to our customers all by ourselves, not depending on any subcontractors or outside consultants.
Our product defect rate is much lower than the industry average, based on which, a reputable industry magazine has selected us as the winner of their best manufacture award three years in a row.
Do you always try to buy products that were made in Japan?
No because it is practically impossible. What I try is buying from local small businesses instead of large chain stores, which is also very hard to do.
No, I support free trade. Japan has become what it is now thanks to international trade. I think economic nationalism only invites retaliation from other countries.
Therefore, it is an anathema to the further development of this and other countries in the world.

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