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【The Good Ole Days】

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(Contributed by Crystal)
The ‘Good Ole Days’ is a popular term used to refer to times that have passed. I was born in 1969; therefore, I may refer to the ‘good ole days’ as the time of my childhood, growing up in the 1970s. The 1970s were definitely the good ole days for me. I remember a much simpler time, growing up in the south. South Carolina has been, and continues to be, an agricultural state. In other words, we have a lot of farmers. We grow a lot of beans and things. We grow a lot of tobacco, cotton, and corn.
Back in the good ole days, when I was a young girl, there was a field of tobacco across the road from my home. Every year, during the spring time, after the plants were about knee high (half way grown), a plane known as a crop duster would fly back and forth over the field and spray poison (made of white dust) all over the plants in the field. I liked to stand at the door way and watch the plane swoop down over the field and then rise back up again, just in time to lift itself over the tall pine trees. I was always afraid that the plain would crash. I held my breath as he flew the crop duster over the field time and time again!
Back in the good ole days, during this same time, all throughout the 1970s, there was an old man who used to drive his horse and buggy to town, on the back road. I watched him go by 2 or 3 times a week. He had an old wooden buggy and a strong horse. Not very many people had a horse and buggy by the 70s. But he did, and I thought it was so cool. Many men and women still walked to town then. They had to walk about 5 or 7 miles to get to the grocery store. It was a common thing for people to walk to town in the good ole days.
These were simple times. This was a time when there were small stores; and people really knew each other in the community. This was a time when people helped each other. Those were the good ole days in South Carolina for me. Chenille
Do you remember the good ole days? Maybe for you it was during the 1940s or 1950s. Maybe for you, it was during the 1990s or during some other time period. My grandfather said the good ole days were before and after the Great Depression. “Any time before or after the Great Depression”, he said. “There was nothing good about the Great Depression. We nearly starved to death.” The Great Depression era was a bad time during U.S. history. But, we’ll talk about that another time! For now, let’s just try to remember the good ole days!

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