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Teacher Michi
(Contributed by Michi)
I suffer from a condition known as ‘insomnia.’ This word comes from the Latin root word ‘somnus,’ which means ‘sleep’ and the suffix ‘in-‘ which is a negation or an inability. In short, insomnia is a condition where the sufferer has a hard time either falling asleep or staying asleep.
I’ve been dealing with insomnia for almost a decade and even though it can be quite annoying at times, thankfully over time I’ve also discovered a few things that have helped me.
Here’s just a few options you can try if you’re having trouble sleeping;
– Drink decaffinated herbal tea right before (or in!) bed
– Meditate to clear your thoughts
– Watch a soothing documentary
– Play soft music in the background
– Read a book that interests you, but isn’t overly exciting
– If your bedding or mattress is uncomfortable, try upgrading it
– Avoid caffeine or rigorous exercise after 7pm
Remember that different things will work for different people, so if you try one suggestion and it doesn’t work – try a different one!
If all else fails, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor to see if they can recommend you a sedative, vitamins or alternative solution.
Good luck and sweet dreams!

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