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(Contributed by Erica)
Brasil, Carnaval, Rio
Carnival in Brazil attracts over a million foreigners all over the world. They go to Brazil just to enjoy 5 exciting Carnival ball nights, or to admire samba music at street parades with lots of beautiful people irradiating positive energy, joy and hope.
It is held every year, just a week before Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Lent which is a period of 40 days up to Easter holiday that dates the day when Jesus Christ resuscitated.
Carnival in Brazil was influenced by Portuguese around 1840’s and Africans inspired the samba music in 1917. It was the start of the first samba rhythms.
Along the years, Carnival gave birth to Samba schools. The oldest one in Rio is Mangueira Samba school created in 1928. Nowadays, twelve samba schools are the favorite ones. Some of them are the following: Mocidade, Salgueiro, Beija-Flor, Grande Rio, Portela, Unidos da Tijuca, Vila Isabel, Mangueira, Imperatriz, San Clemente, Tuiuti, União da Ilha which agitate the crowd at the Sambodromo with lots of passionate dancers with provocative costumes accompanied with loud music.
Many celebrities join the Carnival to support their favorite schools and tourists can see a unique and spectacular parade. According to them, Carnival is the biggest party on the planet.
Do you know why Carnival is so famous?
Probably because everybody can join it, with no social boundaries, no taboos, no limits. Everybody works hard throughout the year, preparing all details counting on other supporters who stay behind the stage to make a stunning show possible in other to delight the big crowd who can live five dream nights, letting all their problems outside the Sambodromo, enjoying themselves living a fairy tale even if it is for just five days.
Below there are some sites you can check about 2017 Carnival.
• http://riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/rio-entertainment/final-six-samba-schools-parade-in-rio-carnival-2017/
• https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/02/11/less-skin-more-god-and-no-racism-how-brazils-left-and-right-want-to-change-carnaval/?utm_term=.6e2fbbd7c184
• http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/internacional/en/brazil/2017/03/1862720-rio-sambodromo-is-called-to-account-this-year-for-worst-accidents-in-its-history.shtml
Here you can see Beija-Flor Samba School, which is one of the favorite schools in Carnival 2017. Beija-flor developed a tale of love between Iracema, a native virgin, who fell in love with Martin, a Portuguese colonizer. Iracema was forced to abandon her tribe. One day, Martin with his friend Poti leave to fight against the Pitiguaras’s tribe. While he is in a battle, she gives birth to Moacir (a son of a pain). She falls in deep sadness, leading her death. Martin arrives and she gives their son Moacir and asks him to bury her at the foot of a passion tree.

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