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【Swans are Swimming】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
This winter has been to say the least very odd. Balmy temperatures for the most part. Let’s face it, I live in Canada 10C in January and February is just not normal.. Nor are the much higher temperatures we have seen this year.
Everything is ahead of schedule. Geese are flying back into the area, birds are singing in the trees, buds are appearing on branches and daffodils are blooming. All of these are early but not unheard of.
However, during a drive down the river yesterday I had to stop and take a picture. A gaggle of geese I thought, but no, these are swans. Apparently, they never left for the winter. Our river did not freeze this year so they just kept paddling along. What surprised me most was the fact I have never seen this many in one group before.
Maybe it was a gathering of the family before they scatter for the summer. It was a wonderful sight to see the pristine white against the clear blue water where everywhere else is still mud and dirt.
I expect to be driving down the river back and forth between towns for the next few day. You can believe, I will be on the watch out for these beauties, I would love to see them again. So calm, so elegant, so beautiful .. and yes so unexpected, but that is the best part.

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