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【Off to the Races】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
Jack’s Beaver Buggy
At the starting line
In Canada there is a very strong scouting movement. An organization started by Baden Powell that encourages young boys (and now girls too) to be the best they can be.
In the beginning it was more focused on survival skills, morales and generally being a good and kind person.
These days the organization has grown to include:
Beavers – age 5-8
Cubs – age 8- 11
Scouts, Venturers and Rovers for those in their teens and early adulthood.
This winter Jack has joined as a Beaver where he will stay until January on his 8th birthday. The uniform for his age group is a vest, that all of his badges will go on, a bucket hat (bucket is the shape and style) and a scarf that identifies the group he belongs to. He wears his uniform proudly.
Jack takes his uniform with him to school if it is a day for the meeting. I pick him up at school. We go on a Grandson and Eema (my grandmother nickname) dinner date and I take him to Beavers. Depending on the day either his Mother or I pick him up afterwards.
Recently I was invited to attend a Beaver buggy race night. The young ones each made a car of sorts out of materials that were given to them. Using household tools, hot glue and paint they created their vehicles. The picture above is Jack’s creation.
The event lasted approximately 2 hrs where the Beavers gleefully raced their buggies down a track. Jack was so proud. In multiple races he came in 3rd, half a dozen times was 2nd, and before the night was finished he won!
It is wonderful to see a smile so big! Learning while having fun, what can be better than that?
Jack racing to the finish line to watch..
And our winning grins!

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