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【Comics Vocabulary (Part 1)】

Teacher Michi
(Contributed by Michi)
One of my biggest passions in life is making and reading comics. I love that there are such diverse comic cultures all over the world, with so many unique messages and visual themes! Today I want to teach you some comic-related English vocabulary;
Cartoonist – a person who makes comics or print cartoons (keep in mind that someone that makes animation is known as an ‘animator’ and not as a cartoonist)
Colorist – a person that adds the colors (also sometimes adds additional tones, shading or highlights)
Lettering (v) – the act of placing text on a comic page (can be done by hand or digitally)
(n) – the actual letters that have been placed by a cartoonist or letterer
Inking – (v) the act of applying ink over a penciled sketch
(n) the ink as it appears on this page (ex. I love this artist’s method of inking!)
I highly recommend searching these terms to see images if any of these words seem confusing. Afterall, comics are a visual art form, so it only makes sense that seeing an image will help deepen your understanding of some of these terms.
Have fun using these terms as you read comics!

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