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【Comics Vocabulary (Part 2)】

Teacher Michi
(Contributed by Michi)
During my free time, I like to write and draw – which is why making and reading comics is one of my biggest passions, since it combines both words and pictures. So I decided to compile some comics related English vocabulary words that can be used to describe the comic making process;
Pencils – a rough penciled sketch that is considered a ‘first draft’ before placing the final inks.
Speech Bubbles – these commonly appear as boxes or ovals and contain a character’s dialog
Screentones / Halftones – patterns that are applied either digitally or by hand that can be used as shading or to add texture to a drawing
Panel / Frame – the box or shape that contains a single drawing or scene in a comic. Each page usually has multiple panels or frames.
Spotting blacks – the act of filling a large portion of the frame with black ink, often times denoted using an ‘x’
If any of these terms are hard for you to visualize, please try doing an image search – since when it comes to visual media, seeing is sometimes the best way to learn what these words mean. Have fun applying these words to your comic reading and good luck!

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