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【Time or Money】

(Contributed by Tony)
The question is, which is more important to you?
This is something that I have thought long and hard about in my life, I used to live the classic life of working from 9 till 5, then go to the gym then finally end up at home with little energy and even less time leftover. This upset me, mainly due to the fact that I am a very social person and the only people I ever got to talk with were my co-workers.
This is by no means a bad way to live, I had a lot of extra money and on the weekends I had the freedom to do as I pleased without worrying about my finances. I could also afford all the good things in life, like TVs, computers and of course holidays. But I started to feel very trapped in my life and the question came up in my mind often. Is the money worth the time?
I took a leap of faith, I do not recommend this however I quit my job and became a freelance writer. I had savings and with my writing I could support myself, but I was just making enough to cover everything. But the amount of time I had was crazy, I basically had five days a week free. This was great for a time until I realised that I could no longer afford the things I wanted in my life, again I felt constricted. I was also rather lonely at times due to not having co-workers around all the time.
Then V-English came into my life and I suddenly found a way of living that offered me the balance I so truly wanted. I was able to both teach and write, whilst also having free time to enjoy my life with friends and family. Teaching also allowed me to talk with interesting and exciting people every day and so again I could be a social person while still helping others.
So for me I have come to a place in my life where I feel very happy with my balance of time and money. But by no means do I think this lifestyle would fit everyone. I also do not recommend just quitting your job like I did as at times it got very stressful not having the security of a permanent job. I just wanted to bring up the question in your mind. What is more important to you, your money or your time?

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