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【The Strand】


The Strand


           Ahh, Los Angeles. The City of Angels…I have lived in Los Angeles for 26 years and I love it.  There are so many fun activities to do here.  One of my favorites is to take a relaxing walk on The Strand.  The word “strand”, is a combined word from “street” and “sand”.  This walking path spans from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica.  The beach is on one side of The Strand and the street is on the other side. 


            Many families use The Strand to get some quality family time together.  It is heartwarming to see young children learning to ride their bike with their mom and dad.  I usually walk on The Strand at dusk on the weekends.  My son likes to ride his skateboard alongside me.  It is simply breathtaking to watch the sun dip into the horizon over the Pacific Ocean.


           There are also many great restaurants on The Strand.  A really good one to visit is called The Cheesecake Factory.  You can sit on the beach and watch the surfers and the boats in the distance while you eat.  They have dozens of flavors of delicious cheesecake including peanut butter and coffee.  The portions are huge and the meal is a great value for the money. 


          My favorite area on The Strand is in the city of Santa Monica.  There are many great restaurants and even a Ferris wheel.  So, if you get a chance, come to beautiful Southern California and take a stroll on The Strand.

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