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【English plurals-2/3】

(Contributed by Brian)

Now we come to the most difficult floral of all, as well as having all of these various language rules, what we also have something that we call irregular plurals. This is when we’re dealing with a noun which is irregular. The most common ones are listed below:

Singular Plural
Woman Women
Man Men
Child Children
Tooth Teeth
Foot Feet
Person People
Leaf Leaves
Mouse Mice
Goose Geese
Half Halves
Knife Knives
Wife Wives
Life Lives
Elf Elves
Loaf Loaves
Potato Potatoes
Tomato Tomatoes
Cactus Cacti
Focus Foci
Fungus Fungi
Nucleus Nuclei
Syllabus Syllabi/syllabuses
Analysis Analyses
Diagnosis Diagnoses
Oasis Oases
Thesis Theses
Crisis Crises
Phenomenon Phenomena
Criterion Criteria
Datum Data
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