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【English plurals-3/3】

(Contributed by Brian)

Now the tricky plurals or singular words of those ones that are used in latin. They are very easy to spot not only when they are written, but also when they are pronounced as well.
Top tip: to recognise a word in Latin look at the ending, for example if it ends in ‘um’ or ‘i’ this will usually be a dead giveaway that it is a Latin-based word.

Now here comes the trickiest, complex and bamboozling part of understanding plurals. Well done for getting this far, but now we’re going to really show you some words that is really confusing. These words where the noun is both singular and plural; take a look at these examples:

Singular Plural
Sheep Sheep
Fish Fish
Deer Deer
Species Species
Aircraft Aircraft


Top Tip: Be very careful with these plurals, as the temptation is when you see these nouns, is to place an S on each of them. This is incorrect. Remember there is no such thing as sheeps! My advice is to find these irregular plurals and make a note of them when you come across them and learn them.

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