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【Midway Moments—Part One】



Midway Moments—Part One

Today, I decided go on a road trip to visit some friends living in South Texas. After all, they were only a three-hour drive away.  I was renting a car and had planned to keep it for one day.


Like all good computer savvy people, I went online to reserve a car for the trip. The rental agency I normally use does not have a location in Natchitoches, so finding an alternative was not a difficult choice; there is only one.


So, I finished my lessons, completed my student comments and got ready to go.


I had been instructed to contact the office directly, give them my reservation number and the address where I was to be picked up. I thought this was a very nice service as I am staying about a half-hour car ride out of town, and there is no public transportation.


However, when I made the call that was supposed to start the car rental process, I received news I was not expecting. “I am sorry ma’am, I do not have a car to give you”. Apparently, the car that was reserved for me had not been returned in time and there were no others to offer me.


So, disappointed, I controlled my anger and asked how quickly they could get a car. Well that was not good either… It would be Monday… As the young man on the other end of the phone said, “…we close at noon on Saturday, and there is not enough time to get a car from another location.”


So, with my temper intact, I asked that my reservation be changed to Monday. So what was I going to do this lovely afternoon?


Cookies! Bake some cookies!! That will take away the anger and the disappointment all at once…but maybe not help the diet!

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