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【The Dark Side of the South Part I】

(Contributed by Crystal)
Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina is one of the oldest cities in the state. It is a beautiful historic city brimming with charm, hospitality, grace, power, and chivalry; but, Charleston also has a dark side: war, fire, hurricanes, slavery, murder, and a catastrophic earthquake in 1886 killed may people. Southerners believe because of these atrocities that the spirits of these victims are still among us.
These spirits do strange things, and these strange occurrences develop into ghost stories. There are many hot spots for spirits to linger in Charleston. It has been said that the spirits of those who remain on earth, are of people who were murdered or died tragically. Evil people whose spirits linger between heaven and hell walk upon the earth. A well-known haunted place is the Old Charleston City Jail. This building was erected in the 1800s and jailed pirates, slaves, war criminals and the South’s first female serial killer Lavinia Fisher.
Lavinia Fisher was prosecuted and jailed in the Old City Jail of Charleston. She was one of more than 10,000 prisoners who either died, or were executed in that jail. Today many residents and visitors of Charleston claim to have seen Livinia’s ghost passing through the empty jail. One ghost investigation crew has a recording of Lavinia’s ghost answering a question. Whatever the question was, her answer was simply: “The Devil”.

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