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【The Dark Side of the South Part II】

(Contributed by Crystal)
Lavinia and her husband owned a home and turned it into a hotel 6 miles north of Charleston. They housed travelers who were passing through the area. At night, Lavinia would serve them poisoned tea. It would make the guest pass out, or put them in a drunken stupor. After the guest became unconscious, Lavinia and her husband would rob them; take them upstairs to the guest room; bind their hands and feet; put them on a bed that was placed on a trap door, and then release a hatch which dropped the bed, and plummeted the guest into a spiked pit, killing them.
After many murders and years of criminal activity, Lavinia and her husband were apprehend and jailed. Lavinia was hanged and sent to hell; but, as the story goes, hell sent her back to earth.
People in South Carolina love ghost stories, legends, and folk lore. For many who live here, paranormal activity is real. Many local people visit graves at night and keep their cameras on them so that they can record and photograph unforeseen or unexpected paranormal activity. These people have a strong desire to connect with the spirit world that they believe in. They want to be able to communicate with the dead. It is a very common part of the southern culture to believe in ghosts and the spirit world. This is puzzling, because the south is also known as the Bible Belt, but somehow; many southerners mix the ghostly-ghastly-spirit-world with their religion, quite naturally.

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