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【Tetsu­ Ojisan in Toronto!】

(Contributed by Mike)
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of trying “Uncle Tetsu’s” cheesecake. It was unlike any cheesecake I’ve ever had outside of Japan, and the last time I had anything like it was when I visited Tokyo two years ago.
Cheesecake in Toronto is normally in the style of a New York cheesecake; it’s a little dense with a crumbly graham crust, and it’s sweet, but not as sweet as some other cakes can be. It’s honestly one of my favorite desserts (a good Tiramisu is still my number one choice), but I usually don’t pass up the chance to have a slice of cheesecake.
Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake is an altogether different experience. Firstly there’s no crust, and the texture is incredibly light and fluffy. It’s not as sweet as a New York cheesecake, and there’s a stronger hint of eggs. Astonishingly, it tastes better and better the more you eat it. I won’t lie; it doesn’t feel like a cheesecake to me, but it certainly is delicious, and what’s more, nostalgic to me.
Uncle Tetsu is the latest in a number of Japanese companies that are expanding into Toronto. I may have mentioned that over the ten years or so, Toronto has experienced a Japanese food boom. Sushi has always been part of Toronto’s culinary landscape, but some years ago izakaya and ramen shops start to open. We now have many choices for both of these cuisines. At the end of last year, Muji opened a store in downtown Toronto, and next year, we’re getting a Uniqlo.
All we need now is a Tokyu Hands!

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