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【An April Fool’s Surprise】

(Contributed by Lala)
The first day of April turned out to be a wonderful, warm day in the Niagara Region and it was perfect for outdoor activities, such as going for a walk on a nature trail.

All of the trees have started budding with tiny green signs of leaves on their branches.

There are flowers waiting to break out into full bloom. Fruit trees have miniature blossoms that are eager to bust out of their folded wraps. Canada has cherry blossom trees, too, but most of them in Ontario have not bloomed yet and won’t reach their peak until the last week of April and the first week of May.

There was one thing that nearly slipped right past me, on April 1st that I should have recognized immediately, because it happens every spring. I was enjoying my sleep just as everyone should at 4am in the morning and the house was bathed in silence. The air was peaceful as I lay in my bed, dreaming about strange happenings.

I had just reached the most vivid part of my dream, in which I was munching on a delicious turkey dinner with cranberries, and preparing to eat a sumptuous slice of apple pie with a dollop of whipped cream. I was about to put a forkful of the yummy stuff into my mouth when an oddly familiar sound startled me. I shoved back my bed-sheets as my body jolted into an upright position. What was that noise?

At first, I couldn’t put my finger on where the sound was coming from. I couldn’t place when I had heard it before but there was something about it that told me to hurry up and go look.

My eyes were still shut because I had crossed my fingers that maybe I imagined the sound and it would stop as quickly as it had started, because it hadn’t really happened. I convinced myself that my mind was playing tricks on me and told myself to go back to sleep.

So, I lay back down into my sleeping position and nodded off again. Five minutes passed and my room was blissfully calm. Darkness still enveloped the room and my mind slumped into a pleasant repose.

I was drifting through dream scenarios when suddenly, my eyes flipped open as my ears caught the tail of the mystery sound, again. It seemed to be coming from the kitchen. It was peculiar but a little bit like the sound of little branches tapping a wall. Then in the next moment, the sound became huge. A loud squawk echoed through the house and I thought, enough is enough! I jumped up with reluctance, feeling a chill snap at my feet. I kept walking towards the kitchen, wishing I was still in bed. I entered the dining area and all of a sudden, the noise stopped.

To be continued….

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