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【The Wind Enters ~3~】

(Contributed by Rintaro)
One day I was riding my motorcycle home from the gym. I must have had at least an hour and half worth of exercise, so obviously, my shirt was soaking wet. And because I didn’t see any point in taking a shower at the gym only to go outside in the stifling heat, I headed straight home first (I still do).
Not even a minute into my ride back home, I noticed that I felt something different in my body, particularly around my chest. I disregarded it first, thinking it was just heat leaving my body, with the sweat-soaked shirt serving as the perfect medium – just like people in certain areas of Japan splash water on the pavement to cool the surrounding air on a hot summer day.
Only it wasn’t. It was more than just my excessive body heat leaving. By the time I got home that day, I was feeling “weak,” a very similar sensation you have in the initial stage of catching a cold. This did not go away for a while until the following morning. Only when I asked a friend of mine did I learn it had been the “wind,” or “masuk (to enter) angin (the wind)” in the Indonesian language.
I still do ride both bicycle and motorcycle without any jacket on (some people never learn), but at least I cover the front side of my upper body by either sticking a towel inside the shirt, or wearing my backpack on the front to keep my body from direct exposure to the wind.

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