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【Man’s Best Friend】



Man’s Best Friend


I love all animals. I can spend hours and hours watching documentaries on everything from killer whales to ants.  There’s one animal however that is special to me, and that’s the dog; the animal that makes it very clear that the only thing it wants to do is spend time with you.  Our last dog’s name was Jax. He was a Pomeranian crossed with an American Eskimo. When my wife cut his hair he looked like a little black teddy bear.


He was tireless when playing fetch.  If you happened to pick up a ball, you had his immediate attention.  He would crouch low and watch you intently, ready to spring.  If you took too long, he would spin around and bark excitedly reminding you that your part was to throw the ball.  He would dutifully return the ball to your feet, and wait tensely for you to pick it up again.  Then there was the insatiable need for a game of “tuggy”, where Jax and I would each take one end of a well-made stuffed animal; there was enough growling to make someone think there were two ferocious animals in a fight to the death. 


The thing that made Jax so wonderful, however, was not the fact that he was incredibly cute and playful, but that he was so incredibly loyal.  When my wife left the house, he would lie down by the door and wait.  When she returned, she would get the customary greeting of Jax jumping into the air higher than you would think possible. And then, for the time that she was home, she had a one foot tall shadow.  Such loyalty and love have earned the dog the title of “man’s best friend”.

Sorry cat lovers.

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