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【My Staycation】



My Staycation


Last week, I had some visitors from my hometown in Flint, Michigan.  They were glad to get out of the cold and snowy weather to visit me in Southern California.  I took this opportunity to take a little vacation of my own.  Since I stayed in my city for their visit, my time off work was called a staycation, which is a word made up of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’.


I tried to be a good tour guide and show my friends around the nearby towns.  We started their visit with a trip to Redondo Beach, which is the city next to mine.  We drank a glass of wine on the pier and watched the locals catch some fish.  After that, we went to Hollywood to see the taping of a television situation comedy program (also known as a sitcom).  My friends enjoyed seeing the TV stars in person.


Another fun activity that we did was visiting the city of Santa Monica.  It was packed with tourists!  The parking lot wanted $40 to park my car!  Luckily, I found a cheaper spot that cost only $4.  We shopped at Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather.  One of my friends bought a necklace with a bottle that contained her name written on a grain of rice. 


My friends went home yesterday.  They were sad that their vacation was over, but they have some good memories to take home.  I am also sad that my staycation is over.  I really enjoyed myself, and I didn’t even have to leave my state. 

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