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(Contributed by Shani)
London is one of the most historic cities in the world and is the capital city for the country of Great Britain. Since the 19th century London has also referred to the metropolis developed around its core. London is a leading global economic city and also leads the way in arts, education and fashion.
If you want to study English or other majors, London is an absolutely right place to do so. There are over 100 schools in London, including the world famous universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Are you a big fan of football? Then you should know the famous football teams in London, such as Arsenal and Chelsea. Also the popular sports in London are rugby and cricket with it being home to lots of great stadiums for these sports.
(Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good at all when I was there. hope it will be okay for you)
So now, let me tell you where to go in London if you go there as a tourist. First you want to see Big Ben (pictured) which is located in central London overlooking the River Thames. Buckingham palace where is the current Queen’s lives and is a short walk from Big Ben and it is a must for every tourist. There is also the Houses of parliament, London eye, London bridge and many more. You’ll be amazed how beautiful the city is. The best season to visit London is in summer, because there is less chance of rain. If you want to visit in spring or fall, you may want to bring an umbrella with you as the UK weather is not very good. In summer it’s not hot and humid like Japan, it’s just comfortable and will be very nice for you to walk around the city and visit the famous attractions.
For going around the city you can use the underground subway which is very easy to use if you can use the maps correctly. Please make sure you are careful with your belongings as there are thief’s from Eastern Europe who target tourists.
For food in London, there is a wide variety of restaurants, as well as the local food fish and chips there are plenty of opportunities to have Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian foods so on. When you go there, you definitely need to have a pint of larger, which the British people would say instead of saying a glass of beer.
So, if you are still thinking where to go this summer, why not visit London.

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