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【Weather expressions】

(Contributed by Alana)
Now that April has arrived, there is going to be a lot of rain and cloudy days. Here are some weather-related expressions that can be used during the new weather of spring!
April showers bring May flowers – This phrase is commonly used to explain all the rain we get in April. If there is a lot of rain in April, then the weather in May will be warm and sunny.
The calm before the storm – The ‘calm’ is a peaceful period before a ‘storm’ – an argument or lots of activity. We use this literally, when talking about weather, but also as an idiom. For example, ‘Jim relaxed on the train on his way to work and enjoyed the calm before the storm.’
To get wind of / To get wind that – This means ‘to find out about something’, usually accidentally. It’s also used if someone learns something secretly, or it isn’t public knowledge. For example, ‘I got wind that the company is going to fire some employees.’
To have one’s head in the clouds – This means to be out of touch with reality or have wild, unachievable dreams. This can be a good thing sometimes, but also impractical in many situations. For example, ‘She missed her stop on the train – her head is in the clouds.’
To save for a rainy day – A ‘rainy day’ is another way of saying ‘a bad day’ or ‘a bad time’. Saving for a rainy day is usually talking about saving money for a later time when you need it, like if you lose your job.
As right as rain – To feel ‘as right as rain’ means ‘to feel well or happy’. It’s often used if someone was previously feeling badly and is now feeling better. For example, ‘After his operation, he feels as right as rain’.
With all the spring weather coming up, these phrases should be very useful!

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