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【I’m moving!】

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(Contributed by Michelle)
I am moving back to my hometown immediately. This just happened yesterday. I love teaching and want to continue to teach, but I also want to live in my hometown and hang out with my friends. Yesterday, I was offered a new job as an assistant. I will still be teaching, but will be working there and here, so it’s a win-win. Unfortunately, I will have to reduce my teaching hours; however, I will teach as much as I can because I love it and would miss all of you.
Yesterday, I talked with my new employers about when they wanted me to start. Monday was the given answer. That means, I have 5 days to pack, find an apartment, and move. Not only that, but I also have to get Internet installed so I can keep teaching. This is the hardest part; of course, packing and moving is a close second.
Have you hunted for apartments recently? It is interesting to say the least. After being hired, I dropped by a few places. Most are 2 bedrooms and are adequate, but lack in certain areas. The first place I looked at was a decent 2 bedroom and had enough space, but was $655 a month plus utilities. This is not extremely high, but with how old the building is, I was a bit surprised.
The second place I looked at was also a 2 bedroom, but a bit smaller. It was suitable at $625 a month; however, it just didn’t feel right. Later, I went online and the building next door with the same layout run by a different company was charging $550. The one I looked at had been remodeled, so they were charging more…way too much more. Honestly, for the quality, they were both overpriced.
Thankfully, my really good friend is on the hunt. He always knows people who know people. I am expecting to hear from him later today the good news. Will he find me a great place that’ll work out perfectly? I really do think so. In fact, I know so.
I hope to get set up soon and then teach a lot, too. Wahoo! Thanks world! Let’s make this happen.
Thanks for reading!
~ Michelle

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