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【April Fools’ Day】


(Contributed by Brian)
The 1st of April, in the United Kingdom is a time for pranks, jokes and hilarity. This is been firm tradition in England, since the 12th century, and the first documented event of April Fools’ Day was by the famous medieval writer, Geoffrey Chaucer.
The idea of the day, is to play practical jokes and hoaxes on your friends, family or in some cases the nation. It has been well-documented, that the BBC has released a practical joke where it showed farmers allegedly picking spaghetti from a tree, like a conventional crop such as apples. It was only because one particular individual wanted to buy a spaghetti tree, that the BBC had to on the 2nd of April, confessed that it was an April fool’s joke.
When I was in the teaching profession, I was based within a scientific staffroom, and surrounded by people who had amazing senses of humour. I was of course a partaker and victim of some of the more humorous stunts that we used to do to each other at this particular type of year. Some of them included:
■ Hiding each other’s car keys.
■ Sticking toast on the inside of our box files, so when you pealed it off it left an imprint of a smiley face.
■ Writing fake emails to each other asking for ridiculous things, for example, asking for help to devise a performance for the family based on Arthur Miller’s the Crucible.
■ Moving teachers desks from one classroom to another, so when they tried to unlock the secured draw they could not.
■ Constantly hiding each other’s bags in classrooms, prep room and around the school.
■ Changing all the felt tip pen lids to miss match the colours, so when you pick up a green lidded pen, for example, it would actually be a blue felt tip.
■ Moving lunchboxes a bit like the bags.
■ Sending students for objects that didn’t exist, for example, a triangular circle.
■ Taking photographs and photoshopping them into humorous poses and people.
These were some of the most magical days of my youth, alas now that we’ve all separated, and we all went out different ways professionally, some of the happiest memories that I have of working in a inner-city school. It’s important that we have April fool’s day, as it reminds us to take life a little less seriously, and also remember having a bit of fun is essential when taking a journey through life.

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