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【School Computers in Rural Uganda】



(Contributed by Ana)

School Computers in Rural Uganda

I recently came across a fantastic article about how children in rural schools in Uganda can still use a computer even though they have no access to mains electricity. 


An education charity, the Maendeleo Foundation, is using two vehicles with solar panels on their roofs, to drive out to rural schools.  When these vehicles arrive at a school, the charge from the solar panels enables the pupils to have a computer lesson lasting several hours.


With each jeep going to five schools each week in rotation, they are providing 2,000 children with an education in computer science.


Many of these young children who live in rural areas are likely to migrate to the cities to look for work when they leave school.  One trainer with the project said, “If children have these skills they won’t be left behind. 


One of the founders of the project said that the future children from Uganda need to be able to “compete with people all over the world.”


Incredibly, some of the children who gained access to computers via the Maendeleo Foundation have since gone on to study computer science at universities in Kampala. 


This is a fantastic idea.  In a world where information is available from the internet at the touch of a button, people who don’t have access to computers and the internet are going to be seriously left disadvantaged in life.  So, I personally find stories like this really inspiring.



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