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【Easter Candies!!!!】


(Contributed by Reuben)

Easter was never one of my favorite holidays. I mean you could say it’s the celebration of spring. Back in the old days making it to spring was a time to kick up your heals, but nowadays it’s nothing really special. With the import export industry countries can get produce year round, and with advances in medicine a sneeze doesn’t really warrant a “God Bless You.” anymore. So unless you except the religious aspects of it Easter just doesn’t really make sense anymore. Just another marketable holiday for candy companies.

But hey let’s not be too hasty! Some of the best candies come out during Easter. Like the cadberry cream eggs! Chocolate eggs, and chocolate rabbits. The most coveted treats of Easter; the cutest, and popular spring treat of all time who’s secret recipe is still heavily guarded till this day…is the peep! This cute little sucker is sooo cute, and tasty. If you’ve never had one then your missing out. They come in several colors, but only one cute little shape with those beety little brown eyes. You just can’t resist them.

Don’t get me wrong those other candies I mentioned are great, but please I’m begging you don’t go another spring without trying these adorable little marsh mellow munchkins!

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Reuben 2015041502

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