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【San Diego】

(Contributed by Shani)
I traveled from Los Angeles to San Diego by bus which took about 5 hours, approximately 120miles south of Los Angeles. It was one of my best trips I did in America as the views across the ocean were spectacular.
San Diego is one of the major cities in California and it’s also very close the Mexican border. You can easily go to Tijuana which is in North Mexico from San Diego.
San Diego is very smaller than Los Angeles; however I would say it is much attractive. San Diego was originally centered in the Old Town district, but by the late 1860s the center of focus had relocated to the Bayfront in the belief that this new location would increase trade. As the “New Town”-present day Downtown-waterfront location quickly developed, it took over from the Old Town as the center of San Diego and it is still the case there today.
San Diego is also one of the best places to surf in America as the city is located by the Pacific Ocean. There are many beautiful beaches in San Diego, including Mission beach, Coronado beach, La Jolla, Pacific beach etc., all of which are attached to their own little towns which are beautiful.
I stayed at a hostel nearby Mission beach for 3 nights. It was really cool living the beach life during my stay at that hostel as it was basically situated on the beach. I don’t know how to surf, but it’s more fun for me to see other people surf. I also spent Halloween in San Diego where everyone was wearing a costume and there was one big party/carnival taking place on the main streets.
Where are the nice places to go in San Diego? There are a lot. Except the beaches, you can go to the Old Town San Diego, The State Historic Park and San Diego zoo and Coronado. Although I managed by public transport it is probably best to get around by car in San Diego.
Being home to the San Diego Chargers, American Football is the main sport in San Diego. However, the hot but pleasant climate all year around make it the perfect place to play golf in and around the city, hence why many of the leading manufacturers of golf equipment have their bases there.
I would strongly recommend you visit the beautiful city of San Diego if you ever get the chance.

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