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【Allergies 】



(Contributed by Leyna)



Spring…  It’s a seasonal allergy season, isn’t it?  As I suffer from many allergies, I am not a big fan of spring.  Some people call it hay fever and some call it pollen allergy (花粉症).  These are common terms used to refer to this seasonal allergy. Today, I would like to write about allergy-related words, expressions and phrases. 


In Japan, many people go see an ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) doctor (耳鼻咽喉科医).  Here in the USA, we also go see an ENT doctor, but most of the time, we go see an allergist (allergy doctor; アレルギー専門医).  However, before you go see a specialist, you have to go see your primary care doctor (かかりつけ医).  I am sure many people have allergies, so I thought I would introduce you to some words and phrases in order to describe some of these symptoms in English.


Atopic dermatitis (アトピー性皮膚炎) and eczema (湿疹) are common among Japanese people.  For these ailments, the doctor would prescribe you some ointment (塗り薬).  When you have a nasal allergy (鼻アレルギー), you can say, “I have a runny nose (鼻水が出る)”, “I have a stuffy nose (鼻が詰まっている)”, or “I have a sinus problem (副鼻腔の問題がある)”.  When you have these issues, it is good to know these expressions and terms. 


Speaking of nose-related issues, I am sure some of you might be wondering how to say “鼻汁”.  “Boogers” is commonly used amongst children.  For adults, it is good to call this “mucus” or “nasal discharge”.  People also say “Blow your nose!” and “Clear your nasal passage.”  In order to refer to a type of medication that is administered through the nasal passage, you can call this “nasal spray” instead of “nose spray”.


In the USA, we are not accustomed to wearing masks.  To some people, the scene of Japanese people wearing masks all the time is rather peculiar for them.  When people cough, many parents say “cover your mouth” or “cough on your sleeves”.  Then, the next phrase parents usually say will be “wash your hands!” 


I hope you learned some new words and expressions from my blog post! 

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