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【Americans Prepare For Summer】


(Contributed by Kelvin)

It is the start of Spring and many Americans are already making plans for the Summer. The summer is a time when families and friends get together and do something fun while enjoying the good weather. This will be especially true where in the Northeast, record setting snow totals have been recorded. From November to April, the Northeast of the United States has experienced an unusual amount of snow. Therefore, this year, many will take advantage of escaping the memories of the cold snowy winter and enjoying wonderful outdoor activities.

A common way Americans enjoy outdoors is a bar-b-q or picnic. There is almost any reason to have one including just having friends invited to share a good time together. Birthdays are a common outdoor event that includes good food and invitations for many people. They are at homes, parks, and beaches. Any outdoor venue is what will bring people together to enjoy food cooked over fire such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and seafood.

The coastal regions of the United States are where people near the Pacific or Atlantic oceans enjoy the beach. A nice walk on the sand or swimming along the shore is a nice escape from the daily busy schedule. A beach has colorful umbrellas planted and beach towels laid out on the sand for people bathe in the warmth of the sun. Many beach goers have coolers packed with soft drinks, water, sandwiches, and other snacks. A trip to the beach is a full day starting with finding a good spot on the sand and ending with dark tanned skin before going home.


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