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【The Royal Ontario Museum】

Theme:Sylwia, 歴史

(Contributed by Sylwia)
On March 12th, 2015, I visited the Royal Ontario Museum for an exploration of their permanent exhibitions. Having been to the ROM before, I was familiar with most of their permanent exhibits as I believe most students will be, as well. I visited the ROM for several hours and looked at some of the exhibitions that they had. Some exhibitions would be very useful for high school history students. I think there is a lot of material for the Western Civilizations course, as well as the Canadian History course. Students can take a look at a variety of artifacts in the museum and do a presentation or assignment afterwards.
I think one of the more interesting exhibits that I saw, that I found would be useful to my own classroom, was the “Around 1914: Design in a New Age” exhibit. This exhibit had various household items from around the turn of the century. This exhibit stood out to me as I am currently teaching a Grade 10 Canadian History class. The first unit of study is the pre-war period, at the turn of the century. In one of our classes, we discussed the social and technological changes at this time, as well as the social inequalities that were occurring at the time. It would have been interesting to bring, either the class to the ROM or to bring in pictures of these artifacts and explore social change and inequality through that lens. I am also teaching at an all-girls school, so I think that my student body would have been interested in the designs of the time.
Compared with some other PPDP activities, the ROM was useful and relevant to me because I could see how I would use some of these artifacts in my student placement. I think the ROM is always a great place to explore because, aside from its permanent galleries, it has exhibits that are always changing. Thus, you can explore different historical time periods and exhibits that may be relevant to your particular lesson.

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