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【To Be or Not to Be…a Gypsy】



(Contributed by Jacqueline)

To Be or Not to Be…a Gypsy



The horse of a Gypsy cart in Thessaloniki Greece – June 2007 – JL


Now, I do know that sometimes Gypsies are seen as unstable vagabonds who travel the countryside pushing the limits, the laws of the land and everyone’s patience. Their horse drawn carts decorated with beads, baubles and bright colours move about the countryside at will.


However, my intentions are to reinvent this image. For years, I have craved flexibility in the manner in which I live. This does not mean I disregard the norms of family life, settling down, raising a family or growing old together.


In my case, I find myself at a crossroads. After a marriage that lasted only 6 years, I was left with two wonderful daughters who provided me with a reason to go on, be strong and fight back. I was very fortunate to have my parents who supported me emotionally as I ventured along the long road of being a single parent. I grant them with much of the stability that my now grown daughters have secured within their own lives, as they—better than I—showed them the way.


So here I am. A mother whose children have grown and moved on with their own lives as adults. A grandmother who lives at a distance from her precious little cherubs. A big sister who is relied upon, just because I am there. But now, there is a yearning inside me to pursue what I want.


It has taken me a while to recognize that it is acceptable for me to want for myself. So with that, the decision has been made to give up my permanent residence and go on the road. The intention is to purchase a vehicle (or motor home) that will give me the freedom to move around as I would like.


In doing so, I will give myself the time and space to find what I need to determine my goals in life fully. There is time to be spent in the northern parts of Ontario, where my eldest daughter and her family live; time in the company of my youngest daughter, where she works with her horses in whatever part of the world that may be; time to visit my sister when we are not disagreeing about something…but most importantly, to spend time with the love of my life.


So with this posting, I move forward. It will be a task to clear the house of things that I am not emotionally attached to…after all, much of them fall into the category of things—not treasures. Next, I will find that “freedom vehicle”, get Angus and the few things that will come with me…and ride!


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