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  • Spring is Here (So is Tax Return)(春が来た!そして税金も戻ってきた!)

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Spring is Here (So is Tax Return)(春が来た!そして税金も戻ってきた!)

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April is the month many people start their new lives in Japan. Here in US, April is the final month to file 2017 tax return. Embarrassingly admit that I haven’t filed my tax returned yet and I only have until April 15, 2018 to submit it for filing. So many excuses I can find yet all of them were avoidable if only I was determined to finish it earlier. It looks like I gathered all what I need so I just need to itemize all of the deduction I can think of and send them over to my certified preparer who has been taking care of my tax for the past 10 years.


If I am not mistaking, the deadline of filing the tax return in Japan is also around this time. If any of you haven’t done so, I urge you to do so with no further delay so you won’t be penalized.

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