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【Idioms…Part 1】



(Contributed by Dave)

Idioms…Part 1

Idioms are used by native speakers on a daily basis during general conversation and in their daily lives. They can be found in TV shows, movies, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.


Learning a language is hard enough. Just remembering expressions, phrases and vocabulary can be a daunting task. However, in order to take your language skills to the next level, it is important to try and understand idioms and incorporate some of them into your speech.


Casual expressions and idioms often relate to particular themes such as sports, colours, animals and food.


I would like to share with you some of the more common idioms used by native speakers and hopefully you will be able to start to use a few in your V-English classes as well as your everyday lives.


Part 1 will cover idioms related to sport:


ball is in (someone’s) court

This comes from a tennis term and means that it is the opposition’s turn to play or to make a decision about something.


dive right into (something)

To start something eagerly without considering the outcomes first.


down for the count

This comes from a boxing term and it means that you are almost defeated, just like when a boxer is down on the canvas and the referee is counting to 10.


get the ball rolling

It means to start something or put something into action. It comes from sports like bowling where you must roll the ball before anything else will happen.


in deep water

This means to be seriously struggling with something, just like a swimmer who is in deep water and is trying to make it up to the surface.


sink or swim

Basically, this means you are either going to fail or succeed at something. Sink relates to failing and swim relates to succeeding.



throw in the towel

This means to give up and admit defeat. It comes from a boxing term when the boxer’s trainer throws a white towel into the ring to stop the fight and admit defeat.

The next part will cover idioms related to other specific themes.

To be continued….


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