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【A Drive Thru…Well, Almost 】



(Contributed by Jacqueline)

A Drive Thru…Well, Almost





I was out with some friends while in Louisiana, and they insisted I had to try a drive-thru restaurant in town. However, when we arrived, the building was being renovated and the drive-thru was not open. So, we decided to go inside and order lunch anyway.


When we entered the building, there were a few wait staff at the counter who asked if they could help us. We explained the situation, and we were led to an empty table by the window.



There were a number of things that surprised me. First of all, after you are at the table, the waitress does not come back to take your order. They carry on as though you are sitting outside, and you have to order by picking up the phone on the table and speaking to the staff that way.




Then, when our order was confirmed, we were told to call back and ask for Jackie if there were any questions or additions to the order. It turns out our waitress was called Jackie also.


We patiently waited for what seemed to take a long time for our lunch. Eventually, it was delivered. We all had decided to have hot dogs. Mine was called the ‘All American’. You can see in the picture that it was loaded with all kinds of accompaniments.  It was served with a great big glass of root beer and a portion of tater tots.  These nugget-shaped potatoes are deep fried like French fries, but are pre-processed from shredded potatoes and moulded into cylinder-shaped bite-size pieces.  I was set for a traditional fast food lunch—American style.




So, yet another food adventure in my travels. Although not fancy—nor specific to the area I was visiting—it was still a good quick lunch served with the iconic American hot dog.

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