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【App Addiction???】



(Contributed by Reuben)

I remember the day my wife asked me if I wanted to get one of those touchscreen cellphones.  However, I was still in love with my flip phone; it comes in such wonderful colors, and so many decorative straps. But my wife dashed my way of life when she got a touch screen cell phone. It had Internet access, and I was immediately hooked. I was always borrowing it, and taking it from her purse. I finally broke down, and got one of my own.

That was the beginning of the end for me. I didn`t like it at all. It was far too big, and fit awkwardly in my pocket. It came in limited colors, and if you wanted a strap you had to stick it in the headphone port, which was pointless for me because I always use headphones.  Despite all the disappointments though, I still enjoyed having Internet access.  Then I found out about the…curse: my sad addiction…to cellphone applications.

It all started out innocently enough when a friend of mine recommended a cellphone game. Then, I spiraled out of control, and began downloading applications for learning languages, exercising, cooking, reading books, watching TV, travel, creating ringtones, voice manipulation, survival skills…oh, and music.  I can even stream American TV shows straight to my phone, which makes it even worse…like my phone is now a permanent part of my person. I love it, but I also curse the day I got it.

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