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【A Barbershop for Real – Old School】



(Contributed by Jacqueline)



Eric Upchurch and one of the staff at City Barbershop in Natchitoches

I have always been aware of barbershops as the place men go to have their hair cut. We see them in every town all over North America. They are normally small, plain but very busy places.


My recent trips to Louisiana have inspired me to speak about many different things. The climate, food, artwork, entertainment and scenery are often covered in my blogs. However, this blog post is about something very different. It is about the tradition found in a local barber shop in Natchitoches.


The main street of the town is full of interesting shops to visit. The cars run along the cobblestone road, and the river can be seen from every point in the park. Here on this busy old village street, I found a gem.


When I visited a world famous amusement park, I was mesmerized by the barbershop quartets who would sing their way along the main street wearing their red and white striped jackets, which I thought was a costume. Everyone who works there wears a costume of some kind.


So, here I was in this little town walking the street with a friend whose son just so happened to need a haircut. We opened the door and it was as though I had been transported to a different time. A barbershop like I had seen so often in the movies. The barbers, there were three of them, two all dressed in their red and white striped shirts, working with clients who needed sprucing up, and the owner in his vest and white shirt.


I was interested in the décor of the place, which had been maintained in the old-fashioned manner with antique posters hanging. The services offered included shaving with a straight razor, face-steaming towels—and when needed, a good head rub.


I checked with the owner of City Barbershop to make sure it was permissible for me to take some pictures. There was a sign at the entrance that reads “This is a barbershop, leave your cell phone in the car”. I did not want to cause a scene after all.


With a full cut, hot face towels, a straight razor shave and a splash of aftershave, he was ready to go and explore the town. Chase, my young friend, enjoyed his time at the barbershop as he had been treated like a young man rather than a little boy…oh, to be thirteen! 


If you are interested in reading some further information about City Barbershop have a look at their website at www.natchitochesbarbershop.com.



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