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【Automation And The Future Of Our Jobs】   *要点説明あり

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(Contributed by Will)

It’s probably not long before we see self-driving (automated) cars on the roads of our towns and cities around the world. Indeed, it’s estimated that in the next ten years, the transportation of goods on roads will be almost entirely done by self-driving trucks and other automated vehicles. On top of that, we’ve seen many industries ‘opt for’ automated/robotic machinery and services over human workers for decades now. What does this all mean for the future of jobs and ‘job security’?

Many people believe that automating everything from cars, to factories to offices will naturally lead to mass unemployment, and will therefore ‘cripple’ our economic system. Others believe it will make people more free than they’ve ever been before. I read a quote recently in which someone proclaimed that in the future we will understand that ‘working is for robots and living is for humans’ – meaning that without jobs to go to, we can simply spend our time exactly how we’d like.

But what of our income? How will people be expected to ‘provide for themselves’ without an income from a job? That’s where the ideas of a ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ or a ‘Universal Basic Income’ come in.

A ‘guaranteed minimum income’ is an income that is provided to a country’s citizens as ‘welfare’ as long as people meet certain requirements, like the ability to work or do community service of some kind. The ‘universal basic income’ is far more appealing and attractive as the only requirement for getting it is to be a legal citizen. That would mean the government would ‘ostensibly’ give you money for nothing, allowing you to live a supposedly freer lifestyle.

So, perhaps our future is a ‘tantalizing’ one where the hardest, most demanding jobs are done by robots, computers or other automated systems and humans are free to spend their guaranteed income however they please – a future I personally think is worth working towards!






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