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Tax return(税金還付)







Every year, many of us have to file tax return of the previous year by the deadline of April 15 and this year is not an exception. Fortunately, because April 15 falls into weekend, the deadline had been extended to April 17 this year.


Usually we receive a form called W-2 form from the employer at the beginning of the new year that show your annual earned income amount along with amounts withheld for federal and state tax as well as for some other governmental welfare benefits. It is embarrassing to say that I have procrastinated quite a bit to start working on my tax return this year and barely made it on the deadline to file it. I remember of discussing procrastination during a lesson before. It is easy to push things aside for later by making a lot of excuses. But we snooze and lose. Delaying things won’t make our lives anywhere easier but regrets. Let’s keep it in our mind and take care of our daily lives.

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