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【My Note for Leisure Pictures】


(Contributed by Takashi)
Here are some sentences I prepared in my class note for the Picture Description section of Leisure Time lesson we covered this week. In the following, I post them for your reference.
At a blowing alley: There are four friends in the picture. The friends are having fun and a good time at a bowling alley. They are bowling (Many native English speakers seem to fine the expression, “They are playing bowling,” natural.). The girl in blue is jumping in the air. She is also posing in the air. She is making the victory sign with her hands. She is flashing the V sign.
She is very happy probably because she hit a strike. She has just bowled a strike and knocked down all the pins. Her ball didn’t go into the gutter. That is why she has jumped up in the air and is making the hand gesture. Her knees are bent and both feet are in the air. Her legs are bent to a 90-degree angle at the knees, kicking to each side in the air. Her friends are laughing out loud and cheering her in the back.
In the balcony: The two are out in the patio or a balcony of a house. They are gardening with their hands covered in heavy-duty work gloves. The man is watering plants in a very large plant pot.
He is using a watering can, whose spout does not have a rose – the perforated nozzle to make water sprinkle.
The two look to be similar in their ages at around thirty years old. Judging from their casual attire, they are at their house where they live together. They are a mixed couple. The woman is caucasian and the man is nonwhite with darker skin. I think this kind of diversity is good to break the paradigm of English means white often existing in Japan. In a broader scale, it is a sign that being politically correct has become being socially correct.

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